innovation and design faculty with computers

Innovation and Design

The Innovation + Design cluster teaches students innovative techniques to introduce products and services in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


Cluster Coordinator

Jon Bohlmann (Business Management)
Haig Khachatoorian (Graphic and Industrial Design)

Cluster Colleges

College of Design, Poole College of Management (Co-Leads)

The Innovation + Design cluster initiates a significant effort in the colleges of Design and Management. Objectives of the cluster are to provide opportunities to explore new forms of innovation and design practice, to forge new forms of design service and practice, to teach the skills necessary to bring new products and services to the marketplace and to give students the opportunity to interact with individuals engaged in the process of innovation. The Innovation + Design Initiative will place the colleges of Design and Management in the key role of incubating new ideas and forms of practice, products, services and business models, encompassing innovation in a variety of contexts. The initiative will also create an open innovation “hub” that NC State colleges and the larger business community can engage with and and participate in, supporting Innovation + Design activities in research, teaching and sharing knowledge.


The Innovation + Design Initiative will serve as a catalyst for new types of research and applied practices, asserting NC State’s national leadership in a critical area of concern while further connecting the University to the economic development of the state, region and nation. The Innovation + Design Initiative will propel our community into an international leadership position among design and management schools, addressing the urgent need for innovation to maintain leadership in business and industry.


Through the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program, NC State University has established a faculty cluster in the area of Innovation + Design. Challenging economic conditions and a global transformation in the nature of professional activities and services are driving new forms of innovation and design practices. In this global environment, the College of Design and the Poole College of Management will establish a leadership position by developing cross-disciplinary, team-based, problem-solving practitioners who will lead and innovate creative new business models.