Forensic Sciences Chelsey Juarez

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Contact Information

1911 Bldg 254
Raleigh, NC

Chelsey Juarez joined NC State in August 2012 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire for the Forensic Sciences Institute. Juarez, an assistant professor in the Department Sociology and Anthropology, focuses on forensic anthropology and provenance investigations through isotope analysis. She uses isotopes from human bone, hair and teeth to identify region of origin and migratory behaviors. Additionally, Juarez works in the forensic anthropology laboratory on campus, conducting active case work for the state of North Carolina. Her research interests focus on provenance investigations within the Latino Diaspora through time.

Juarez obtained her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and women’s studies from the University of California at Berkeley. She received her master’s degree and a Ph.D. in biological anthropology with a parenthetical notation in Latin American Latino studies from University of California Santa Cruz. Juarez has worked to develop an isotope map of Mexico to aide in the identification and repatriation of deceased unidentified Latino border crossers. Her work on this and other topics has been published in anthropology journals, anatomy journals and books. She has also mentored graduate and undergraduate research students with academic backgrounds ranging from engineering to biology.