Forensic Sciences Seth A. Faith

Assistant Professor, Molecular Biomedical Sciences, Forensic Sciences Institute

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Contact Information

1060 William Moore Dr
Raleigh, NC
P: 919- 513-8099

Seth A. Faith joined NC State in November 2014 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program Cluster hire in Forensic Sciences. An assistant professor in the Molecular Biomedical Sciences Department at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Faith researches developing new DNA-based tools for criminal investigations involving humans and animals. The mission of his lab is to advance forensic science through applied research, utilizing new molecular and computing tools in an integrated approach within the university and with external partners in industry and government.

Faith received his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences – molecular biology from Kent State University and his bachelor of science in microbiology from The University of Akron. Previously, Faith served as the technical leader in DNA forensics and genomics at Battelle Memorial Institute, a nonprofit contract research organization. He directed several internal research and development projects in human and microbial identification using next-generation sequencing (NGS) and advanced bioinformatics. One of his R&D teams was the first to publish a method for producing a full CODIS DNA profile with NGS technology that could be used for matching against the U.S. national criminal database. At Battelle, Faith was awarded and led a multi-year contract from the U.S. government to develop a field deployable NGS human identification system. Faith also contributed to several interdisciplinary teams at Battelle that performed bioterrorism risk assessments for the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies to assess the outcome and prevention of bioterrorism attacks on the United States. He currently collaborates with multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies for DNA technology development, is an invited guest to the FBI’s Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis and Methods (SWGDAM), and is a member of the NIST OSAC Wildlife Forensics subcommittee and the AAFS Standards Board.