Leadership in Public Science

May 22, 2018  |  Leadership in Public Science

4 Receive Faculty Research and Professional Development Grants

Faculty member KC Busch, of the Leadership in Public Science Cluster, was one of four faculty to receive a Faculty Research and Professional Development grant worth $7,500 to support her research.

Mar 22, 2018  |  Our Clusters

Could Insects Help Us Find New Yeasts for Big Business?

Yeasts are tiny fungi – but they play key roles in producing everything from beer and cheese to industrial chemicals and biofuels.

Mar 7, 2018  |  Leadership in Public Science

Science and Design Collaboration Project Comes to NC State

A new project at NC State is melding science and design into engaging projects that celebrate creativity and human ingenuity.

Dec 5, 2017

New Fund Supports Research Outside the Lab

A collaboration between the Provost’s Office and the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development enables NC State to close a gap in research funding and support innovative work in multiple disciplines.

Sep 1, 2017  |  Leadership in Public Science

Meet K.C. Busch: I Like to Think Outside the Box

Meet K.C. Busch, an assistant professor of STEM Education and member of the Leadership in Public Science Cluster faculty, and learn why she's drawn to controversial socio-scientific issues in her research (and real life).

May 15, 2017

Sharing Science Through Picture Books

There may be no better marriage of science and art than in a children’s book.