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Digital Transformation of Education

We prepare K-12 teachers and students for success in the 21st-century classroom through digital education research, development and outreach.


Cluster Type

Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster

Cluster Coordinator

Tiffany Barnes (Computer Science)
Eric Wiebe (College of Education)

Cluster Colleges

College of Education, College of Engineering

Our cluster represents an interdisciplinary effort to enhance information and communications technologies to support learning in formal and informal settings. Our work addresses issues related to foundational research, classroom practices and educational policy. We extend and advance the university’s well-established, highly successful multidisciplinary collaborations involving faculty and students from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation; the departments of Computer Science, Psychology, and Communications; and the College of Design.


NC State faculty significantly impact educational research and development through a studies funded by the National Science Foundation and other grantors. Together with our strong network of public- and private-sector partners, we influence statewide programs and policies, and gain increased national recognition for our contributions to educational advances.


Cluster faculty build upon our strengths in technological innovation for education. They also respond to changes required in our education systems to prepare students for life in the global, digital world of the 21st century.