Precision medicine faculty photo

Precision Medicine

By developing new quantitative methods for synthesizing demographic, physiologic, genetic and genomic, and other clinical factors to inform decision-making, we enable physicians to make optimal treatment decisions for individual patients.


Cluster Coordinator

Marie Davidian (Statistics)

Cluster Colleges

College of Engineering, College of Sciences

Precision medicine focuses on data-based optimal treatment decision strategies. Across the quantitative sciences, many approaches to optimal decision-making in the context of health are the focus of extensive research. Efforts to develop new methodologies in response to the evolving landscape of this area will be essential, as will translation of methods to practice in areas such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and transplantation medicine. Our cluster will pursue such innovation.


Our cluster will link quantitative, clinical and biological scientists to attract substantial external funding and to capitalize on opportunities for translating methodology into practice. A further benefit will be interdisciplinary training of graduate students in the quantitative sciences, giving students a unique set of cross-cutting methodological and collaborative skills. Cluster hires have been made in the Departments of Statistics (1) and Mathematics (2) in the College of Sciences and in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (2) in the College of Engineering, providing the critical mass of diverse talent necessary to energize and accelerate NC State’s already extensive efforts and research funding base in this area.


Members of our cluster have been at the forefront of developing quantitative methods to support the practice of personalized medicine. The cluster has enabled us to leverage and integrate our diverse expertise to pursue new methodological innovation for discovery of precision medicine strategies.