Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy Christopher Galik

Professor, Public Administration

Christopher Galik

Contact Information

Caldwell Hall NA
Raleigh, NC
P: 919-513-6011

Christopher Galik joined NC State in 2016 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire in Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy. Galik, a professor in the Department of Public Administration, is primarily interested in the areas of institutions and the portability of governance systems. He brings an interdisciplinary perspective to his work, leveraging expertise in institutional theory, economics, and the natural sciences to address energy and environmental management and policy challenges. His most recent research includes an evaluation of near-term policy options for mitigating climate change in urban and natural systems, and the interaction between research and policy in complex, fast-moving, and technical issues like energy storage.

Galik obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology from Vassar College, a master’s degree in resource economics and policy from Duke University, and a Ph.D. in forestry and environmental resources from NC State. Galik returned to NC State via Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, where he worked for nearly a decade on a variety of environmental and energy policy research and outreach initiatives. He has published multiple white papers, briefs and online discussion papers, as well as multiple peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Climate Policy, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews and others. Galik has also worked with private sector, NGO, academic, state government and federal agency stakeholders to plan and convene multiple panels, workshops and symposia on a wide variety of energy and environmental policy issues.