Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Raymond Guiteras

Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Resource Economics

Raymond Guiteras

Contact Information

Nelson Hall 4326
Raleigh, NC

Raymond Guiteras joined NC State in August 2016 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire in Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Global WaSH). Guiteras, an assistant professor in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, focuses on how households in developing countries act to protect themselves from environmental health risks, in particular through investments and behaviors related to water, sanitation and hygiene.

His papers include studies of the effects of social interactions on investment in sanitation, the impact of microfinance on investments in environmental health in Cambodia and Bangladesh, demand for clean water in Ghana, the impact of sanitation and clean water infrastructure on health in India, and the effect of disgust-based messaging on health behavior in Bangladesh. Ongoing projects include a study of the impact of arsenic exposure on cognitive ability in Bangladesh and the long-term effect of in-utero exposure to floods on human capital among children, also in Bangladesh.